Under Seal Filings

  1. All Clients Under Seal Filings for Federal District and/or California State Superior Courts will receive e-mailed and/or hard mailed Conformed Copies for confirmation upon completion of the filing.
    1. When uploading the documents to be filed under seal in the Federal District Court, also upload a [docketed] copy of the CACD Form G-92 (“Notice of Manual Filing”) when placing an Under Seal Filing Order.
    2. Or, if you prefer, the filing of the Form G-92 can be provided by Berto Legal Services.
    3. Be advised that all clients’ log-in information will remain confidential.
    4. The preparation of the [Proposed] Order on the “Application To File Under Seal” in most circumstances, can be drafted from the “Application” (As a convenience to our clients).

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