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To request an Under Seal Filing in the Federal District Courts listed below, please fill-in the information boxes marked mandatory. Then choose the particular district court, from the drop-down menu, in which you wish to file your Under Seal Documents. Use the Browse Button to upload your documents; when you're finished click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
Prior to filing documents Under Seal, the Federal District Courts require the filing of a General Form "G-92" (Notice Of Manual Filing) to be filed in the Electronic Case Filing System ("ECF").
We have provided the below listed "Link" to the G-92 form for your convenience. Please fill-in the G-92 form, file it in the ECF, and upload a docketed copy, with your Under Seal Filing documents through the Browser to show the Court proof of Noticing.
If you choose, BERTOLEGAL to file the G-92 in the ECF for you, please provide your ECF Username & Password in the notes box below. Be advised that all sensitive information will be held in strict confidence.


LINK to General Form G-92:

U.S. District Court Locations

All documents to be filed Under Seal must be sumbitted electronically. List the documents to be filed in the "Document List" box and use the Browser to upload each document that is listed. All documents will be prepared in the required filing format and filed Under Seal in the District Court Division that has been selected above.
Summons Complaint Civil Cover Sheet Civil Cover Addendum CMC Notice CMC Statement Motions Answer
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